Friday, 23 January 2015

Time for a tea date...

It doesn't happen too often, so when my husband and I manage to sneak in a precious daytime tea date, it does feel really rather special. I genuinely can't remember the last time we went out together as a couple for a couple of hours, let alone the whole evening, so these fleeting and snatched coffee dates are most needed.

I've got to be honest I miss that time with him but like lots of parents, a lack of family babysitters and a reluctance on our part to leave our boy means that things won't be changing any time soon. Instead you adapt and we have takeaway nights at home when the little man is asleep or snatched coffee dates during school hours whenever we can.

I have in the past had supposed friends say we are mad, that we should be having 'date nights' out once a week or every other week. Can you tell they don't have kids? I'm sure we aren't alone - please tell me it's similar for you?!

I had a lovely comment over on my Instagram about our little tea date from the lovely Rachel and it's something I've realised is most definitely true over the years:

"Making time for your marriage is the single most important thing anyone can do".

It most certainly is and it's about finding ways to do this when you have little ones...

Sunday, 18 January 2015


After six days in a row of getting up and dashing out, Sundays are now our slow paced chilling days. 

The calendar has been completely cleared and it's all about staying in our pyjamas and relaxing until at least midday. 

Time to just be. Little ones need this.


Happy Sunday xx

Sunday, 11 January 2015

A New Year...

It's a New Year and with that comes things you may want to do differently. I'm keeping it simple...

1. Slow it down. Life is busy - work, after school clubs, homework, football, swimming (both of which take up all of our Saturdays), you get the jist and that leaves us with just Sundays of which lazy mornings are most welcome and family time needed.

I feel I need to slow my own pace down, and stop creating jobs for myself on my days off. Do what needs doing and leave the rest. I'm so guilty of not doing that. I have been contemplating numerous DIY jobs on the house, some of which are unnecessary.

I hate the feeling you get when you are rushing from one thing to the next - in from school, snack, drink, reading book, bits of writing to practice, get the tea on and then dash out to an after school club. Your mind is always on what the next thing is, conscious of the time, guilt rears it head and feeling you aren't doing anything that well.

Subtle changes may ease the above - do the reading book and some nights the rest of school work will have to wait/not get done - he needs time to just be. Don't take on that fourth activity my boy may want tho try later in the week. Use that slow cooker more and get better organised with meal planning. Play dates may sometimes have to wait rather than be crammed in.

2. Cut down on the things I buy, both for the house and my boy and save the cash instead. I'm going to de-clutter our house when I get the chance and every time I go to buy something I shall be repeating the mantra 'do we really need that?'.

3. Spend time daily with my boy fully 'there', engaged and in the moment. The rest can wait...

4. Will it matter a year from now? A quote that I came across and is engrained in my thoughts.  Especially relevant regarding my laid back husband. In fact I like it so much I'm tempted to get it framed.

There you have it. Nothing really unusual, just sensible everyday advice to myself, but I needed to write it down. It has been whirring around in my head.

Happy New Year you lovely lot xx

Friday, 9 January 2015

Face cream...

I don't wear makeup, not even mascara, so my one (and pretty much only) treat to myself used to be beauty products and fairly expensive ones at that.

Then all of a sudden my skin seemed to have gotten in a pretty terrible state. I'm talking spots and lots of them. Where did that come from? I can't help but wonder is it since I hit my 30s? I tried everything and even reverted back to my trusty Eve Lom cleanser, but I kid you not, even that didn't help.

I had a light bulb moment whilst doing the weekly shop, one where you start thinking 'I'm spending all this money on products and my skin still looks like shit', coupled with the fact that it wasn't pay day for another two weeks and I had run out of moisturiser.


As I browsed the aisles at Tesco it was like it was meant to be. This little beauty jumped out at me and the cost...a mere £3!!!

It can't make my skin look any worse I thought so into the trolley it quickly went.

Do you know what? It's  bloody fantastic. I cannot believe how much I used to spend on face creams (anything from £30 - £45). This little pot suits my skin perfectly.

Ladies, run, run, go get yourself a pot...

Monday, 8 December 2014


This is our first Christmas minus those pesky tonsils and I have one word to desribe it - LIFE CHANGING.

Cue our second grotto trip of the festive season and I will leave you with what my boy said...

My boy: "Mummy, will it be the same Santa as the one at school?" (their Christmas Fayre)
Me: *quickly changes the subject* "Oh isn't it cold sweetheart"...
The husband: *looks slightly pale*

I'm not ready for that conversation yet...


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