Monday, 8 September 2014


Today I did something a little out of my comfort zone. I sneaked off whilst my boy was at school and finally went on that photography course I had booked myself onto months ago. 

I very nearly didn't go, nerves nearly got the better of me, but I'm so pleased I did. In those few hours I was there I went from only being able to turn my DSLR on (get it onto some form of setting, usually the portrait or close up and literally take the picture) to using my camera in fully manual mode.

That's HUGE for me. 

I repeat, M.A.N.U.A.L. Mode. I'm can't quite believe that but now, I must remember to practise or else I'm sure I will forget everything.

Here's some of the finished shots with no editing whatsoever. What do you think for a first attempt?

I felt so happy and inspired behind my camera. I thought for a moment, gosh, imagine having that type of feeling from your job...

Monday, 1 September 2014

Back to school...

The summer holidays have been and gone. Just like that. Tomorrow we go back to school.

Be it tomorrow or most days, this poem is how I feel about you at school.

My darling boy, you aren't so keen to go back and that's ok. It's ok to feel sad, mummy understands and sometimes you just need to have a little cry.

Mummy will be there to hold you tight, whispering reassurances into your little ears before you take that big walk across the playground. 

And mummy will be waiting, waiting to scoop you up at home time and hold you tight.

Instead of trying to sugar coat it, I've realised, it's ok to feel these emotions and I'm so pleased you can tell me how you are feeling. 

My precious boy, we start your new adventure together into Year 1 tomorrow... 

Sunday, 29 June 2014


My boy has made it through his first week wearing his new glasses and to say I'm pretty proud of him is a total understatement. I won't go into too much detail but following a routine eye test at school, a stressful but short private appointment with a paediatric consultant (the NHS wait was actually ridiculous) meant that in just a mere five days our minds were put to rest and we walked away with that 'golden ticket' - aka the prescription to get his glasses. 

My mind has been put to rest. Just like that, in five days. Wow. 

For the time being he must wear them all day, every day, and in the short space of time he has been wearing them I just can't imagine him without them. They really suit him - I've realised very quickly that there's something just so handsome about little boys in glasses. I'm not just saying this but he looks very distinguished and it's times like this I wish I posted pictures of him for you to see.

School have been wonderful (our class staff were so kind and caring, they gave him a lot of time in admiring his supercool iron man ones), other mums made such a fuss of him and his little friends have been absolutely great - he was like a little celebrity. His best friend was even helping to clean them for him. My heart literally burst when I saw that. These two are extremely cute together.

Once again I'm totally blown away by him and his ability to cope with things. He went from never having worn them, to having a load of tests (that weren't particularly pleasant), to suddenly having to wear them all day. All within the space of two days and never once moaning. All of this whilst he had tonsillitis. Talk about a whirlwind. 

There you have it, my boy and I in our glasses and he loves us wearing them together.

Little man you are such a star and make this parenting thing so much easier for us. What a sensible little boy you are and always have been. Mummy is beyond proud of you xx

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Saturday, 28 June 2014


We're having a quiet weekend over here, my boy has now recovered from tonsillitis but we currently have the heavy class cold, he (therefore me) is feeling a little tired. They do seem to be dropping like flies at school at the moment and I have to say, there's something about these summer colds that drag you down a bit. 

A gentle stroll around a garden centre was about all we could manage after football club today. It was nice to do not that much actually. Topped off with a giant slab of chocolate cake - I'm always a fan of garden centre if I'm going to say no to a slice?! I don't have pictures of that - let's just say I demolished it quite quickly!

Have a lovely weekend xx

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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Time flies...

Where is this school year going? I can't quite get my head around the fact that it will soon be the end of our Reception Year and that my boy, my baby, will be off on his next little adventure into Year 1. 

Seriously, where has that time gone?! 

He's come a long way in his first year at school, learnt an incredible amount, surprised us both in lots of ways and gained so many new skills I wouldn't have dreamt he would have been able to do. 

Me, I've come a long way too - it has been a massive learning curve and one whereby I've learnt so much about myself and how I wish to parent on the tricky road that is school.

For a first time parent, well for me anyway, school can be a real daily journey of emotions -also known as an emotional roller coaster. There are things I feel I have handled well and others I will handle differently in the future. I feel a lot better prepared and placed after the experience of Reception, that's for sure. 

Having not done this whole school lark before I'm learning as I go (IG and your wonderful comments have got me through - you totally rock!!)...

So there, I'm just a teeny tiny bit proud that we have both made it through the first year and with my boy loving very minute of it. He's actually running in. He has been a dream, taking every new challenge in his stride. Me, I've inwardly been a mess at times (mainly some other kids and a dollop of playground politics) but I somehow feel a lot stronger about it all now. 

As the year has gone on I've realised that worrying about things makes little difference to the outcome. The best way to deal with school and all the demands it throws up is best dealt with like you're devising a military operation. I'm joking. Or maybe I'm not.

Who cares what others think *I need to repeat this mantra DAILY*.  Actually on second thoughts - anyone know of any good self help books about this?! I wish I didn't give a s**t but sometimes I do. 

Year 1, we are ready for you...

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