Sunday, 22 February 2015

Getting our stencil groove on...

We aren't the most arty crafty type of family. I'm guilty of not doing enough crafts with my boy but the mess it creates fills me with dread - I can feel my blood pressure rising. No joke.

Stencils though I'm a huge fan of! Mess free and a lot of fun, why on earth haven't we done more of this type of art work?!

For all you parents out there who may be a little like me, get yourself some stencil books (there are loads around) and let your little one free with them. 

Thursday, 19 February 2015

A face painting breakthrough...

Today my boy had his face painted for the first time ever. Aged 5.5 years he decided he was going to go for it and chose a skeleton design.

A total first for him and I actually got a little emotional seeing him so keen. You see he has in previous years been absolutely terrified - he wouldn't entertain the idea whatsoever. 

Today, he jumped onto that chair (although no paint was allowed near his eyes) and you would never have known he had ever been worried about it. 

The face painter was super with him, relaxed and together they were chatting away. This will stay with me - a truly special moment and it reminds me how children get such pleasure from the simple things in life. Childhood is precious.

Over and out from one super proud mama here...

Monday, 16 February 2015

New shoes...

A special thing happened today, my boy chose his first ever pair of 'proper' football boots. He goes to football club and has done for around 18 months. We've tried other clubs - I've taken him to gymnastics, ballet, karate, music/drama, swimming and break dancing, but it is football he really gravitates towards.

This love has been nothing to do with us - my husband is an avid football fan but hand on heart he hasn't pushed him towards it. I think it's great to try things at this age and see what he likes doing and for now he has chosen football, swimming and break dancing. A good mix, a variety and I like that.

Today my heart exploded a little, a milestone occurred (well in my eyes anyway). Lately I've noticed him looking at some of the other boy's shoes at football, it's only happened in the last couple of weeks, but he really wanted some football boots of his own instead of his usual Nike trainers - non special ones that he wears day in day out and we couldn't resist.

He chose them all by himself - he's drawn to bright ones and found this pair, almost instantly. His little face was so happy, eyes wide and bursting with excitement looking up at us..."I love these mummy, I really love them".

And that was it, he had found 'the one'. Me being me and rather a fan of Nike I tried to make him go view some in the Nike shop but no, this one knows his own mind and wasn't persuaded. I love that he knows exactly what he likes. Just before we were about to buy them and without having any prior knowledge of this we were told their name - they are Messi's boots (an international super star just in case you don't know), and this is a name my boy well and truly knows. It was meant to be and we headed for the check-out with one super excited little boy.

*Whispers* I think the quality is actually better than Nike and I'm now leaping off the bandwagon and jumping ship. Adidas I heart you...

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Happy Valentine's Day...

It's Valentine's Day and the first day of half term, so with both of those things in mind I wanted to make it extra special for my boy this year. 

I've got to be honest we don't usually make a 'big' deal of it, but this year I thought why not?! Yes, it may be a bit of a money spinner for shops but I don't care. After all he's only little once.

Today you shall find me merrily jumping on the bandwagon and V.Daying it up. I'm definitely feeling the love (excuse the pun). 

Happy Valentine's Day xx

Friday, 13 February 2015

Half term...

We have made it to half term. It was a slightly rocky road after the festive period for my boy. In all honestly the Christmas holidays really threw him this year and there were times he really didn't want to go in.

Now we are good though, in fact very good and back to enjoying it all again. High fives all round and to our teacher who met with me instantly when I was so worried. Such a relief. 

Doesn't motherhood age you with worry?! 

Half term approaches and work is done for me, time to be with my boy and make memories - just like the old days. We have a mix of fun day trips planned and restful days needed, it's getting that balance without trying to cram too much in, isn't it? I'm guilty of that.

Have a good one you lovely lot xx

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